Seyram A. Butame

You see the Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys/ They ain't gonna fight no wars.

When I Loved Anime

05 March 2022

I once was a devout fan of Anime (and various manga). I still am, but there was a time in my life when I looked out for new Anime and new episodes with bated breath. It began with Naruto when I was a sophomore in college and continued well into my late twenties and early thirties. Then one day, the passion for that medium went away; I occasionally check-in for some series that I may have left uncompleted (e.g., Bleach and Berserk). And I will sometimes rewatch some of my favorites. I rewatched Black Lagoon a couple of weeks ago, and every year or so, I will watch; Berserk: The Golden Age Arc (RIP to Kentaro Miura, it is so sad he was unable to finish Beserk before he passed, but as a fan, I am grateful for what he left us). Manga and Anime are storytelling mediums that western media would benefit from exploring more. But, I think, for now, the focus is still on only using it if they can use it to sell toys and other merchandise.

Anyway, I leave you with UVERworld’s D-tecnoLIFE, The introductory theme for the second season of Bleach (created by Tite Kubo).

UVERworld's Timeless (2005).

I never finished the series, it ran for quite a while, and I lost interest. The downside of some Anime is that they can go on for long periods. But I loved this song then and still do. Ah… the days of my youth.