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It is official, condoms are safe for anal sex

25 February 2022

This is interesting, apparently condoms could not be marketed by a manufacturer as safe for anal sex.

I never knew.

Davin Wedel, president and founder of Global Protection Corp, said, “I think most people would be surprised to know that condoms are not approved for anal sex. With this new designation from the FDA, consumers will have important information about the safety and effectiveness of condoms for anal sex.”

Yes, Davin, I never knew this. I have always tacitly known to use condoms for penetrative sex (i.e., anal or vaginal) and even for oral sex (Yes, you read that correctly). And I always assumed this was established science and never bothered to look into it. It turns out the recommendation for anal sex was “off-label.” This knowledge appears to have been understated along the way, and educators often don’t mention it. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I had a sexual health class or some kind of sex education where the instructor specifically mentioned how to use condoms and what they are used for.

Source Belluck P. F.D.A. Grants the First Condom Approval for Anal Sex. The New York Times. Published February 23, 2022. Accessed February 25, 2022.