Seyram A. Butame

You see the Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys/ They ain't gonna fight no wars.

Santa wins this TikTok Challenge.

29 December 2021

Tiktok always produces some great memetic trends. A favorite of mine is the Infinity Challenge. It starts with the subject holding an unlit ring light (or LED light) behind them while dressed down or in everyday clothes. Then they raise the light over their heads, and in a quick camera change, all other lights in the room go out while the ring light provides the only illumination. Simultaneously, they’ve changed into something spectacular, or they’ve done up their make-up to look stunning, or they’ve oiled up their muscles, so they look buff. All while the chorus to Jaymes Young’s Infinity blares in the background. It’s an entertaining trend, and I think it’s meant to show a glow-up. It reminds me of another trend that was a bit raunchier, The Silhouette Challenge.

The above from @santaforacause on Instagram is perhaps my favorite. The Santa Clause actor switches from his everyday habits to his official Kris Kringle uniform. But it’s not just the change of outfit; it’s the cherubic smile and the rosy cheeks that complete the get-up. The final product reminds me of the image of the Santa Claus used in Coca-Cola ads some years back (see below).


@santaforacause also goes by @socalsanta on Tiktok and he made a duet with @elchubbzz as The Grinch.

Another Santa on Tiktok who goes by @santablair also made a fantastic video. I love it all.