Seyram A. Butame

You see the Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys/ They ain't gonna fight no wars.

The holidays are here!

05 November 2022

The holidays are here at last, and I can play and sing Christmas songs without fear of seeming like a weirdo. I know it’s the holiday because I went to a Starbucks the other day, and they had switched to their holiday decorations and beverages. And they were playing holiday music. But the thing that truly marks the start of the holiday season is Mariah Carey’s Halloween/Christmas transition video. For the last several years, Carey will release a video after all the festivities of Halloween have ended. The video often transitions into her singing, “All I want for Christmas Is You.” (see tweet below) What an earworm of a song. The other day, I was listening to a podcast, and the host posited how many times a person could listen to that one song on a loop without getting tired. I could give it a good hour before bailing, I think. Mariah Carey certainly has some great hits, but that song and its parent album. I am sure her progeny will continue from the royalties for generations.

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A new look at Jupiter

24 August 2022

Images from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) show Jupiter in such a beautiful light. I have seen pictures of Jupiter before, and you get a sense of the size and scope of this planetary behemoth. But, it always seemed dull, muted, a lumbering giant. But these new pics from the JWST, my god, it so vibrant. Of course, it’s an aggressively hostile environment to human life and existence, but still, it’s gorgeous, like looking on an icy tundra after a blizzard.

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