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New Data - Palmer Penguin Data

An alternative data set to practice creating visualizations

Palmer Penguins HEX sticker

Palmer Penguins HEX sticker

I came across a great dataset today, so I decided to note it here so I don’t forget.

Palmer Penguins dataset is meant to provide an alternative to the iris that is often used in Tidyverse to provide examples. You can fork the necessary data from the following: The penguins data is useful for carting visuals because for example the D3 Brushable Scatterplot Matrix uses the dataset to demonstrate a powerful visualization technique.

Brushable Scatterplot Matrix

Example of Brushable Scatterplot Matrix

Image Source: Ian Johnson (

I have started using it for some tutorial work with learning how to use D3.js in observable. There was a great tutorial conducted as part of an Observable live stream with Ian Johnson and Anjana Vakil called, Lunch in the D3 Kitchen: Penguin Dataviz



Using Data

data(package = 'palmerpenguins')

HEX Image Source: The artwork is courtesy of @allison_horst (